Providing safe, high quality, nutritious food for consumers is the number-one priority of Ohio's egg, chicken and turkey farms.
Farmers take their role seriousely to uphold the highest animal care standards and farm management practices while being thoughtful environmental stewards.
Ohio's farm families are committed to providing a safe, affordable and nutritious food supply. Additionally, they contribute to their local communities and the state's economy.
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Statement Regarding Avian Influenza

Ensuring the well-being of the flocks on Ohio's egg, chicken and turkey farms is a top priority, which is why the state's poultry farming community is taking the findings of avian influenza (AI) across the U.S. very seriously. To date, the disease has not been found in Ohio, and keeping their birds healthy and protecting them from disease is farmers' immediate and ongoing focus.

It is important to know that these strains of AI are not a public health risk. Further, consumers cannot catch AI by eating eggs, chicken or turkey. As a reminder, however, all egg and meat products should be cooked thoroughly to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.

For details about how Ohio's egg, chicken and turkey farmers provide excellent care of their flocks and prevent disease on their farms, click here.

The Ohio Poultry Association (OPA), a non-profit statewide trade organization, represents more than 600 Ohio egg, chicken and turkey farmers. These individuals are integral members of their local communities and are committed to providing high-quality, safe and affordable product to consumers. Ohio's egg and poultry farmers are equally committed to being good neighbors, reliable operators and responsible stewards of the environment.

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