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Restaurant Review: The Broken Egg

When you plan a trip to Florida, you expect to get out of the snow and ice of Ohio. Winter seems to keep hanging on in Ohio this winter as evidenced by snow in late March! However, the weather has been nice recently on the west coast of Florida, so I headed to a special restaurant that has been on my "to do" list for years!

I have wanted to visit The Broken Egg for several years. It's an institution in the Siesta Key/Sarasota area. Founded in 1985, it is still making incredible egg dishes and greeting people from all over the world. This initial visit occurred on a warmer (about 45 degrees) and sunny morning. Situated in Lakewood Ranch, right off of University Parkway and Interstate 75, it is easy to find and even easier to fall in love with.

If the weather is nice, it's the perfect spot to sit outside under an umbrella and soak in the sun and palm trees. If you want the real ambiance of the restaurant, though, step inside the double doors. As we walked across the threshold, so did Mr. Dick Vitale, the 'colorful' color analyst for ESPN. He's a regular at the Siesta Key location and he was in the Lakewood Ranch location selling his books to fund The V Foundation for Cancer Research. A nice guy and I am looking forward to reading his books...but I digress.

Local artists' paintings cover the 20 foot-high walls and palm-shaped fan paddles keep the wonderful aromas wafting throughout the restaurant. I would imagine it seats about 60 people indoors and perhaps about the same outdoors.

The menu is what really "CRACKED" me up. It is eggsactly that – a large egg-shaped menu with zigzags down the middle to model a cracked egg. Opening up the menu was like opening up a great novel – dish after dish sounding better than the next. For you liver fans out there, one of the morning specials was liver and eggs. I just simply wasn't that adventuresome.

My dad ordered the "Broken Eggwich", which included two eggs, smoked ham, American cheese on a large croissant with fresh fruit for $7.59. I order "The Sheepherder", which had two eggs poached over incredible hash browns with cheddar and Swiss cheese, fresh fruit and raisin cinnamon toast for $8.29. My husband ordered "The Sampler", including one egg, bacon, incredible hash browns and a pancake as large as a dinner plate! My mom ordered a beautiful raspberry and pecan pancake.

I love the fact that THE BROKEN EGG also serves breakfast for dinner, a trend that I see happening all over the country. And they even make office deliveries for breakfast and lunch and cater all sorts of parties and celebrations. People LOVE eggs!

So, if you get to the Sarasota/Bradenton area on the west coast of Florida and you are looking for a great place to have your eggs over easy, hard-cooked, scrambled or dressed up, try out THE BROKEN EGG. They do eggs proud.



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